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The Healing Place of Wake County


Thanks to the Healing Place of Wake County!
Free at Last! Yes, I am Free at Last of the
Monkey who ruled my life for 7 long years.
The Monkey was Crack Cocaine!

My Story
I took my first drag of Crack 7 long years
ago. I was hooked mentally, emotionally and physically from that point on! I lost my
wonderful Wife, my lovely Children my new
House, my fantastic Job to say nothing of
my health and self respect.

I was at the end of my Life
Until I entered The Healing Place in Raleigh
last year. I saw only one way out--a bullet!
The Healing Place saved my Life!

The hardest thing I've ever done.
The most rewarding thing I've ever done was getting clean!

Enter this Hallway and begin a new and better Life!
This is the entrance to the Healing Place. It will save your Life!

Contact The Healing Place

The Healing Place of Wake County,
1251 Goode Ave., Raleigh, NC 27603.
Phone: 919-838-9800
Fax: 919-834-1473

Your Life Depends on it!

My sincere thanks to everyone at the Healing Place for saving my Life! Mike